Fellows in the news – 2010


2010, November 2 Geoff Harcourt has been awarded the 2010 Veblen-Commons Award ...

Professor Geoff Harcourt has been awarded the Veblen-Commons Award by the Association of Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) in 2010. The award is presented annually by the AFEE to a scholar who in the view of the organisation has substantially advanced the understanding of how economies work, in addition to insights that advance economic theory. The Academy congratulates Professor Harcourt on receiving this prestigious award.


2010, September 7 ASSA Fellows secure $12.7 million for ARC Centre for Excellence ...

Professor John Piggot, Professor Hal Kendig, Professor Peter McDonald and Professor Alan Woodland are members of a research team which has been successful in securing $12.7 million over 7 years from the ARC to establish a Centre for Excellence in Population Ageing Research.  The Centre will be a global intellectual hub focused on population ageing, fostering deep engagement with governments, industry and other universities and research institutions in Australia and overseas, as well as a range of prestigious national and international organisations.  Professor John Piggott will lead the Centre. 


2010, September 1 Geoff Harcourt returns to Australia after 28 years at Cambridge

Emeritus Professor Geoff Harcourt has returned to Australia after 28 years at Cambridge in the Faculty of Economics and Jesus College. He has been appointed as Visiting Professorial Fellow at the School of Economics at UNSW. His research interests include the history of economic theory, Post-Keynesian theory and policy, and intellectual biography. Professor Harcourt has published extensively on economic theory and policy.


2010, September 1 Bryan Turner appointed Presidential Professor of Sociology at the City ...

Professor Bryan Turner has recently been appointed as Presidential Professor of Sociology at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York.  In his role as the Director of the Committee on Religion, he will be responsible for the religion program.  Professor Turner will continue in his current role as a fractional Professor and Director of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies at the University of Western Sydney.


2010, September 1 Adam Graycar appointed Director of the Research School of Social ...

Professor Adam Graycar, ASSA Fellow since 1998, has been appointed as Director of the Research School of Social Sciences at ANU.  He will commence his new role on 1 October, 2010.  He is Professor of Public Policy and the Director of the Centre for Policy Innovation at the Australian National University.  Professor Graycar has had long experience in policy making, research and research management at the most senior levels in academia and government. 


2010, September 1 Emeritus Professor Roy MacLeod awarded 2010 Charles A. Lindbergh Chair ...

Emeritus Professor Roy MacLeod has been awarded the 2010 Charles A. Lindbergh Chair in Aerospace History at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. The Chair is a competitive twelve-month fellowship open to senior scholars with distinguished records of publication. Professor MacLeod will take up a position as Fellow-in-Residence Lichtenberg-Kolleg at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in 2011.


2010, August 24 Stewart Clegg receives IMPACT Award for Good Practice of Impactful ...

Earlier this month, ASSA Fellow Professor Stewart Clegg was awarded the IMPACT Award for his good practice of impactful management including teaching, research and leadership development. Professor Clegg is a leading international researcher in a number of fields in the social sciences, and is particularly renowned for his work in organisational studies and on power, practice and ethics. He has been a Fellow of ASSA since 1988 and has had an enormous impact on research, teaching, and management practice in this field.
Media link: http://datasearch.uts.edu.au/business/news-events/news-detail.cfm?ItemId=22583


2010, July 21 International Dobrushin Prize awarded to Professor Anna Wierzbicka ...

Professor Anna Wierzbicka, ASSA Fellow since 1996, has recently been awarded the International Dobrushin Prize for 2010.  Although this is traditionally a prize for mathematics, on this occasion the jury decided to award it to Professor Wierzbicka, as Dobrushin was also interested in linguistics, which Russians generally regard as very close to mathematics.  Rolan L'vovich Dobrushin was an outstanding 20th century Russian mathematician, and the International Dobrushin Prize was established to award outstanding researchers for their work in the domains of Dobrushin's interests, including probability theory, information theory, mathematical and computer linguistics.  The prize is awarded annually on Dobrushin's birthday, July 20th.  The winner receives a diploma, the equivalent of $3000USD and is invited to present at lecture at the Institute for Information Transmission at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. The Academy congratulates Professor Wierzbicka, who currently teaches at the School of Language Studies at the ANU School of Social Sciences. 


2010, July 6 ASSA Fellows awarded Australian Laureate Fellowships for outstanding research

ASSA Fellows Professor Hilary Charlesworth and Professor Margaret Jolly have each been awarded an Australian Laureate Fellowship for their world-class research.  Professor Charlesworth and Professor Jolly were two of only fifteen researchers nationwide to receive an Australian Laureate  Fellowship from the Australian Research Council, which will provide them with the opportunity to address complex and urgent issues facing Australia, and to pass these skills and information on to the next generation of researchers.  Both Professor Charlesworth and Professor Jolly are considered to be at the forefront of international expertise in their chosen fields of human rights law and historical anthropology.  This Fellowship will allow them to further enhance their expertise in and contributions to research areas of national and international importance. 
Media link: http://www.arc.gov.au/media/releases/media_6Jul10.htm


2010, June 16 The Honourable Michael Kirby awarded prestigious Gruber Justice Prize ...

ASSA Fellow, the Honourable Michael Kirby, was announced co-winner of the prestigious Gruber Justice Prize.  The announcement was made in New York, making Justice Kirby the first Australian to win a Gruber Prize in the field of Justice.  The prize is awarded annually by an independent jury.  Justice Kirby is Australia's longest serving judge, and has had an extensive legal career, with a strong focus on human rights.  Justice Kirby has served not only in international courts, but also for international bodies and the United Nations.  The Academy wishes to congratulate Justice Kirby on his remarkable achievement. 
Media link: http://www.michaelkirby.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=104:australian-jurist-michael-kirby-named-co-winner-of-gruber-justice-prize&catid=1:general&Itemid=100


2010, June 15 ASSA Fellows recognised in the 2010 Queen's Birthday Honours ...

The Academy is proud to announce that six of its Fellows were recognised with various awards as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2010, including: Officer (AO) in the General Division: Professor Patrick McGorry, Victoria: for his distinguished service to medicine and to mental health; as a leading clinician, researcher and scientist through innovative reform of services; and for the development of national programs to support youth and raising public awareness. Professor Gordon Parker, NSW: for his distinguished service to psychiatry as a clinician and researcher, particularly as a major contributor to the understanding and innovative treatment of mood disorders; and as founder and Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute. Member (AM) in the General Division: Professor Barbara Pocock, South Australia: for her service to industrial relations as an academic and researcher, particularly in the areas of employment, gender relations and vocational education; and as an advocate for social justice. Emeritus Professor Ross Williams, Victoria: for his service to education, particularly in the discipline of econometrics, through research and administrative roles; as a contributor to professional publications; and as an adviser to state and Federal governments. Medal (OAM) in the General Division: Professor Joseph Camilleri, Victoria: for his service to international relations as a scholar, educator and commentator, and to the community. Emeritus Professor John Elkins, Queensland: for his service to education, and to people with learning disabilities.


2010, June 2 Professor Anthony Elliott appointed Visiting Research Professor and awarded Distinguished ...

Recently elected ASSA Fellow, Professor Anthony Elliott, has recently been appointed Visiting Research Professor at the Department of Sociology at University College in Dublin, and has also been awarded a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University in the UK. Professor Elliott was elected to ASSA in 2009, and is currently Head of the Department of Sociology at Flinders University in South Australia. He possess extensive research experience in social theory, and has held a number of key appointments including Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at Flinders University, and Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent in the UK.
Media link: http://www.flinders.edu.au/people/anthony.elliott


2010, May 31 Senior Research Fellowship awarded to Professor Richard Bosworth ...

Professor Richard Bosworth has recently been awarded a Senior Research Fellowship at Jesus College, Oxford University, for the period 2011-2014. Professor Bosworth’s research interests focus largely on modern European history, historiography and migration history, and he has published widely on twentieth century Italian social and political history. Professor Bosworth has been a Fellow of ASSA since 1995, and currently shares a Winthrop Professorship in History at the University of Western Australia and has been Chair in History at Reading University in the UK since 2006.  He is also a multi-prize winning historian for his biography of Mussolini and 'Mussolini's Italy'.  The Academy wishes Professor Bosworth all the best for his upcoming Fellowship.
Media link: http://www.history.uwa.edu.au/about/staff/richard_bosworth


2010, May 27 Professor Keith Dowding elected Fellow of Human Development and Capabilities ...

Professor Keith Dowding has recently been elected Fellow of the Human Development and Capabilities Association for his significant contributions to the Association's fields of interest. Professor Dowding is currently the Director of Research at the Australian National University's College of Arts and Social Sciences, and has been a Fellow of ASSA since 2008. He is a political scientist who has published widely in public administration and public policy, comparative politics, urban politics and political philosophy.
Media link: http://politicsir.cass.anu.edu.au/staff/dowding/index.htm


2010, May 6 Professor Simon Marginson co-authors a study pinpointing causes of 2009 ...

ASSA Fellow Professor Simon Marginson has co-authored a recent study diagnosing some of the failures of Australia's international education industry, many of which contributed to the 2009 international student crisis.  Professor Marginson, who has been a Fellow of ASSA for 10 years, is considered an expert on international education and is a Professor of Higher Education at the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne.  The study in question, International Student Security, focuses on the welfare failures in the international student industry in Australia, as diagnosed through a series of interviews with the students themselves.
Media link: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/humanity-denied-in-a-dash-for-cash/story-e6frgcjx-1225862224911


2010, April 21 Emeritus Professor Max Coltheart receives Honorary Doctorate ...

Emeritus Professor Max Coltheart, Fellow of ASSA, has been awarded a Doctor of Letters honoris causa by Macquarie University in NSW.  Professor Coltheart is one of Australia's best known and highly-regarded cognitive scientists and has been a Fellow of the Academy since 1988.  He possesses a highly distinguished academic career, with over 40 years of experience, publications and achievements.  Professor Coltheart specializes in the areas of neuropsychology and cognitive neuropsychiatry, and is Australia's most highly-cited psychologist.
Media link: http://www.mq.edu.au/newsroom/control.php?page=story&item=4088


2010, March 31 Felix Klein Medal for 2009 goes to Professor Gilah Leder

The Academy is proud to announce that the 2009 Felix Klein Medal has been given to ASSA Fellow Professor Gilah Leder, in recognition of her more than thirty years of outstanding achievements in mathematics education research and development.  Professor Leder is a highly recognised secondary teacher of mathematics, and her research into mathematics education has contributed significantly to the work of national, regional and international mathematics education communities.   For more on Professor Leder's award, please follow the PDF link.


2010, March 23 Professor Neil Gunningham heads new Climate and Environmental Governance Network ...

ASSA Fellow Professor Neil Gunningham has become Director of the new Climate and Environmental Governance Network at the Australian National University (ANU).  This recently established group of researchers will form a specific part of the ANU's Regulatory Institutions Network, with a focus on engaging in theoretical, empirical and interdisciplinary research regarding the institutions of regulation and governance for the environment and climate change.  Professor Gunningham is a lawyer and interdisciplinary social scientist and has been a Fellow of ASSA since 2006.  For more information see the Climate and Environmental Governance Network website.
Media link: http://cegnet.anu.edu.au/index.php


2010, March 18 Mental health system overhaul: Professor Patrick McGorry interviewed on Lateline

Australian of the Year Professor Patrick McGorry (FASSA) was interviewed on Lateline last Thursday evening to discuss his call for a complete overhaul of Australia's mental health system. Professor McGorry is a renowned expert on youth-focused mental health disorders, and is the Executive Director of the ORYGEN Research Centre at the University of Melbourne.
Media link: http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2010/s2843609.htm


2010, March 16 Harvard University appoints Professor Mick Dodson ...

ASSA Fellow and former Australian of the Year, Professor Mick Dodson, has recently been appointed as the next Chair of Australian Studies at Harvard University. Professor Dodson was elected as an ASSA Fellow in 2009, and is a well-known advocate for Indigenous rights. He is currently the Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the Australian National University and will be joining the Indigenous Development Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in his role as Chair.
Media link: http://harvaus.fas.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k61661&pageid=icb.page259560


2010, March 15 Professor David Siddle appointed to the ARC Advisory Council

Professor Emeritus David Siddle, a Fellow of ASSA, has been named as one of two new appointments to the Advisory Council of the Australian Research Council (ARC). The ARC Advisory Council has been in operation for two years, and provides strategic planning and policy advice to the CEO of the ARC.
Professor Siddle, whose appointment commenced in January 2010, is an Affiliate Researcher with the Emotion, Learning and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Queensland and has been a Fellow of the Academy since 1991. He possesses a distinguished research background, particularly in the area of associative learning. Professor Siddle joins Professor Stuart Macintyre, immediate past-President of the Academy, on the ARC Advisory Council.
Media link: http://minister.innovation.gov.au/Carr/Pages/ESTEEMEDACADEMICSAPPOINTEDTOARCADVISORYCOUNCIL.aspx


2010, March 14 Professor Jeffrey Borland appointed as Visiting Professor at Harvard ...

Professor Jeffrey Borland has been selected as the 2010-2011 Visiting Professor of Australian Studies at Harvard University, following the conclusion of his term as Chair of Australian Studies.
Prior to his appointment as an ASSA Fellow in 2002, Professor Borland was awarded the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia's Early Career Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Social Sciences in 1997. He has been teaching in the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne since 1988, and was Head of the Department from 2003-2006. Professor Borland will be hosted by Harvard's Economics Department in his role as Visiting Professor.
Media link: http://harvaus.fas.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k61661&pageid=icb.page301098


2010, March 13 Adelaide Festival Award for Literature goes to Professor Jill Roe ...

Professor Jill Roe was recently named winner of the 2010 Adelaide Festival Literature Award for non-fiction. Professor Roe's Stella Miles Franklin: A Biography was selected from 166 entries, and the prize honours Professor Roe as amongst the best of Australian authors.
The Adelaide Festival's literary awards are among Australia's most competitive, with this year's festival seeing over 760 entries for 10 categories. Professor Roe is a professor of modern history at Macquarie University and has been an ASSA Fellow sine 1991. She is a leading authority on the life and work of the Australian author and feminist, Miles Franklin.
Media link: http://www.arts.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=1&c=5691


2010, February 11 Jane Stapleton elected Honorary Bencher of Gray's Inn. ...

Professor Jane Stapleton, FASSA, from the ANU College of Law has been elected as an Honorary Bencher of Gray's Inn. The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn is one the four Inns of Court, a professional association for barristers and judges located in London. Professor Stapleton's election places her in extremely notable company. Not only is Professor Stapleton one of few Australians to be elected but the group of three most recent members of which she was a part also comprised Lord Phillips, the President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Justice Sonya Sotomayor, the most recent appointee to the US Supreme Court.