Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Email: secretariat [at]

Location: 26 Balmain Crescent, Acton, ACT 2601

Postal: GPO Box 1956, Canberra, ACT 2601

Tel: +61 .2 62491788

Fax: +61 .2 62474335

About the Secretariat

The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Academy and providing administrative support of Academy programs, including:

  • facilitating links between the Executive Committee, Fellows of the Academy, and government
  • managing the Academy's programs and events
  • publishing material on behalf of the Academy
  • liaising with the public and the media
  • formulating policy in conjunction with the Executive Committee
  • liaising with international partners and allied organisations
  • providing administrative support and Fellowship services.
Website support
Mr System Administrator


Email:  roddy [at]
Phone: +61 .2 61003131
Executive Director
Dr John Beaton BA, MA UCLA, PhD ANU

Overall management of the secretariat and co-ordination of the activities of the academy.

Email:  john.beaton [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788
Manager, Fellowship
Ms Michelle Bruce BA (Psychology, Sociology)

Co-ordination of the Academy's annual nomination/membership process. Management of membership and Fellowship database.

Email:  michelle.bruce [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788
Manager, Finance
Ms Jennifer Fernance BA (Hons) ANU

Management of the academy's finances.

Email:  jennifer.fernance [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788
Manager, Human Resource and Payroll
Mrs Rosemary Hurley

Management of staff payroll, recruitment and other related functions.

Email:  rosemary.hurley [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788
Manager, Public Forums and Communication
Mrs Sunita Kumar BA (Sociology), MBA

Management of Academy's Public Forums and Communication program. Coordination and implementation of the Academy's Annual Symposium, public lecture series and other related public events.

Email:  sunita.kumar [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788
Deputy Director
Mr Murray Radcliffe

Management of the academy's public policy activities including its roundtable events and submissions, and coordination of international grants and collaborations with partner organisations. 

Email:  murray.radcliffe [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788
Manager, Governance
Ms Liz West BA (Political Sciences)

Management of the Academy's governance framework and strategic systems. 

Email:  liz.west [at]
Phone: +61 .2 62491788